Setup XtreamTV Plugin on Enigma/VU

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Introducing: XtreamTV Plugin #

The XtreamTV Plugin is for devices which uses enigma. To install the XtreamTV Plugin, all you need are a Laptop/Computer and an Enigma/VU Device.

Benefits of using XtreamTV Plugin #

  • Fast installation
  • Broadcasts EPG
  • Good Perfomance


How to install XtreamTV Plugin on your Enigma Device #

  • Step 1: To start the installation of the XtreamTV Plugin on your enigma device, you will need to get the program called “PuTTy” on your Laptop or Computer first, which can be downloaded here:
  • Step 2: After you have installed “PuTTy” you have to connect your Computer / Laptop with your Enigma Device with a LAN Cable and your Enigma/VU Device with a Monitor or TV. To get a connection to your device, you will need to get the IP-address of your enigma/vu device and enter it into PuTTy as the Host Name. You will also need to select telnet.


  • Step 3: Now you click on Open and enter your login details. By standard, it should be the following:
    • login: root
    • password: [should be none, by standard, so please just press ENTER]
This is an example on how it may look like on your device. Now you have successfully made a connection to your enigma device.
  • Step 4: Now you will need to find out which processor architecture your device has, to install the correct version of the XtreamTV Plugin. Please use the following command:
    • less /proc/cpuinfo



  • Step 5: To install the XtreamTV Plugin you need to pick the right download command for your processor architecture.
    • Command for Mips32el:
    • Command for Mipsel:
    • Command for sh4:
    • Command for armv7a:
    • Command for oe25_arm:
    • Command for oe25_mips:
  • Step 6: In the top right corner should be a MAC-ID, which we need to connect your device to your line. It may take a few minutes for us to activate your MAC-Address, so please be patient.


Please keep in mind that if you change the location (new apartment/new house) or get a new internet provider, we may need to reactivate your mac-address.